Tips on hiring a roofing contractor

When it comes to your home improvement projects, do not settle for mediocre. Your roof system is an integral component of the building envelope, which is necessary in protecting you and your belongings from outside elements such as rain or strong winds. If the exterior of one’s house looks good then that person knows they have done a proper job on their interior; this makes sense right?

When you want to invest in a new roof, it is important that the roof installation and materials are high quality. Replacing or repairing your roof requires professional contractors who use good products so that they do not fail prematurely.

Roofing can be a pretty expensive investment, so before you hire someone to install your new roof it’s important that you do all of the proper research. It is best if possible to get several estimates and check out their workmanship as well by interviewing multiple contractors in order to find which one will offer the most value for money.

These are our tips on hiring the best roofer for the job:

Ask for certification programs & training they might have

Everyone wants to find the best roofing company for their home, but how do they know which contractor is right? Training & certifications are a great way to ensure your future provider knows what he or she is doing. Ask potential contractors about any training and certification that may set them apart from the competition. When it comes down to finding shingle manufacturers who offer specific product installation courses, take every step possible to have the most knowledgeable roofer on the job.

Verify that they are insured and licensed

When hiring a contractor, it’s important to ensure that your contractors have worker’s compensation and liability insurance. These types of coverage will provide protection if your workers are injured on the job or damage parts of your home while completing work for you; both can be very costly expenses without an adequate policy in place!

To verify that a roofing contractor is legitimate, ask for their tax identification number, business address and website or email. Also request the phone contact and check if they are licensed in your area.

A roofer who is licensed and insured proves that they are committed to their work. Asking about licensing and insurance should absolutely be a step in finding the right contractor for your home.

Ask them to provide a written contract

A written contract is the most important thing when hiring a roofing contractor. You should be able to clearly see payment schedules, materials used (brand and color), as well as subcontractors that work on your home.

A roofing contract should include all of the necessary materials used, a start and end date for repairs or replacement work, details about removing an old roof including inspection information on it. There are many more items that need to be included in this agreement such as damage from repair/replacement to your property if any occurs along with who is responsible for cleanup after construction has been completed. Lastly one detail not often mentioned is how landscaping areas will be protected during the process because they can easily get damaged by workers without proper care taken beforehand!

Make sure you have a paper trail of all the transactions.

With cash deals, there is no paper trail. There are also no guarantees that you will get the work done correctly or even at all! If an issue arises with a contractor who insists on cash payments and lacks documentation to back up their claims, it’s very difficult for them to prove themselves in court when they have nothing but your word against theirs.

Talk about permits

I always encourage homeowners to talk to their local building authority before starting a job. For example, if you are having work done that requires permits and your contractor suggests skipping the permit process in order “to save some money”, then move on to another contractor because they don’t know what they’re doing or trying scam you for more money by not paying permitting fees.

Do your own homework

It is important to understand the roofing job scope, as it will allow you to monitor your contractor’s work and ensure they are doing things right.
One thing that is important to consider when you hire a contractor for your roofing needs is what they intend on fixing. Do not assume it will simply be small repairs, such as replacing shingles; there could also be extensive structural and moisture damage from recent storms. By understanding the job scope ahead of time, you can monitor their work more appropriately and ensure they are doing things right.

Ask for references

When hiring a contractor, it’s important to get references from previous clients. Additionally, try visiting work they’ve done in the past; you want someone who is experienced and professional that can produce excellent results.

Don’t choose a contractor who won’t provide references. You need to hear from previous clients about the quality of work and punctuality directly, as well as how they handled any delays or mishaps during projects.

Take your time

The process of finding a contractor for your roofing needs can be long and challenging. Get recommendations from friends, family members, or co-workers on reputable companies that do quality work at reasonable prices. You should also look online to read reviews by previous customers as well as contact multiple contractors before making any final decision so you have the best options available when it comes time to choose one

Don’t base your decision on price alone!

You should not hire a contractor solely based on price. A roofer who is insured will need to recover their costs through the job, so if they are offering you an amazing deal it means something isn’t right.

Now that you have some tips to follow we hope you can make the best decision for your home.

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